Surat, Gujarat
6 hours ago

New Animal Crossing Keychain Coming Soon

My newest Keychain is currently in Development

I love animal soo much and although I don't own a Nintendo Switch and haven't play the most recent addition, I'm more than excited to be able to bring to life my own addition to the franchise with that Totem spin with the help of the lovely and amazing artist Art Noush

This will be the second in the line of 4 Animal Crossing Keychains that will be releasing followed by the Kanu Animal Crossing keychain and Holographic stickers!

Release Date: Aug 17th

The Keychain will be available on my store starting Aug 17th and yes this item will be in limited supply!

Before its release, I will of course be hosting a free giveaway for all you to have a chance to win. I will also be doing this for my next to keychains which will be in production shortly!

The Animal Crossing Collection

Want more animal crossing stuff from Totem?

Check out my other animal crossing stuff such as my holographic stickers and or my most recently posted Kanu Keychain! Both available now!

Animal Crossing

Holographic Stickers and More!

Animal Crossing Sticker Pack

Comes with 4 holographic Stickers each around 3x4

Kanu Keychain

This little demon will make any set of keys or dangles that much more epic! or Cute!

I hope you guys enjoyed this short little read and are also excited for the new and upcoming keychain of the Wolf Villager! I know I am. For more you can always check out the link below, or find me on my socials!

Keep Howling guys! and as always, thank you for the support!