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What Happens when you bring Japanese Streetwear to Animal Crossing

Totem Comes to Animal Crossing!

If you haven't heard of Totem, here is another reason why you should check out the brand and their Work!

Below is a list of original Animal Crossing Characters designed for the brand! Many are cool and even cuter too!

This Collection was a collaboration between Totem, the streetwear brand inspired Japanese and anime culture, and Art, Art Noush!


Wolf Demon spirit dressed up and traditional Japanese attire.


Demon but cute with his Kitsune mask and Iconic Totem flu mask!


There is always some demon slaying female protagonist in some anime! Gives me Kagome vibes from Inuyahsa!

Little Red Oni

Last but not least we have our little Oni guy who likes to dress up dark Streetwear attire!

Together they
make a great team

With all these little guys, Totem has also released some holographic stickers of each character and has even released some keychains recently!

Kanu, first of their many AC keychains to come!

And coming soon they will also have their Wolf Villager Keychain as well!

The Artist

Artnoush is a Freelance 2D/3D concept artist and illustrator based in the Uk.

Can check out more of her work on her socials!


The Brand

Should definitely check out and support the brand! and if you already don't know, Totem is also a BLACK OWNED BUSINESS!

Links below:

Instagram: Totem


Animal Crossing Collection

Check out Totem's shop for animal Crossing stuff below!