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Inspired by Anime and Manga Aesthetics

TTM is an online streetwear, techwear, and accessories store born in 2017.

Our Founder

Once homeless and living on scraps, the founder of Totem Skin battled through strife and hard circumstances to chase his dream of creating a unique fashion brand. Under the influence of Japanese culture, passionate about fashion and inspired by manga and anime, streetwear has always been a cornerstone of our founder’s daily life.

The Beginning

Some Stories are made to be worn

Known as the Hidden Demon District, Totem Media LLC was unearthed in 2017! It is one of the few lifestyle brands inspired by anime aesthetics, Japanese manga, and fashionable streetwear. Operating out of California, Totem Media is available to the world. Our story is founded on defiance in the face of societal pressure. The very foundations of our store are built on the concept of a creative pursuit of excellence.

We want nothing more than to create a sense of belonging, a safe haven for creatives who are sidelined by society as misfits, outcasts and rebels. While we respect the law, we’ve never followed rules. This is why our apparels are the perfect fabrics for wolf-like individuals, people who share a warrior spirit and will go the ends of the Earth to make an artistic statement.

Behind the Scenes

Embrace breaking new boundaries

At Totem Media, we believe in the infinite cycles of destruction and creation—the Yin and Yang of life. We are constantly reborn in a shimmering overcast, standing at the precipice of creativity, pushing the boundaries of fashion, art, content, and design. If you relate to us, then you identify as Totem.

The Team

We are a small team with a big vision. We have only been in the industry for a few years but already have many products that we are proud of.

Evolve with Us

Who you were yesterday is not who you are tomorrow.

The Totem community is characterized by its support for individualism and social responsibility as well as its respect for authenticity within creative expression. The Totem brand also supports independent artists while it explores the space between art and commerce.

Beyond fashion, Totem Media is a lifestyle brand that spreads a powerful message of passion, experimentation and community. We live through our fans, and express our cultural emergence through our worldwide supporters. We have no limits and neither should you.

Totem Media is where the dreams of youth-driven underground culture are brought to life. We seek to bring the spark to all our fans, aligning all daydreamers, black sheep, and visionaries, all around the world, into one colossal tribe.

Together, we strive to create a new culture, now and forever, that we alone can define!