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Inspired by both Asian and Anime Culture.

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The Story

The owner and Artist, Rice Chrispy, was born in Ohio and spent most of his child traveling north america because of his father's military status. Before the brand, all he wanted to do was to draw and create, however, his mother wanted him to go to school and his father wanted him to follow in his footsteps and join the military. The young artist suffered from loneliness and depression. His only source of expression was through his art. He didn't want to follow either of his parents desires but instead wanted to live a life full of creativity. He tried selling art but soon realized that people would rather wear his art than hang it up on a wall. In 2016, Totem was Created. After a couple years, the young artist took a risk to travel to San Diego California with only $19 in my pocket to follow his dreams and fully establish himself in the fashion industry. He considers himself a lone wolf. Never did he think that he would step out into the world alone, making the necessary sacrifices for a better future for his brand. His desire is to unite other like minded individuals who may feel alone or who wish to follow their dreams but may be too afraid to and form their own pack known as Totem.

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The Mission

My Goal is to inspire others through wonder and to bring together like minded individuals who feel alone. Together, I wish to create my own pack, a place where people can come together and don't feel alone in the world.

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To Howl for someone is to wish honor and support of a person. A gesture of respect, homage, or a polite recognition or acknowledgement. Aprroval, encouragement, or comfort.