Surat, Gujarat
6 hours ago

Brand Philosophy

Wear The Culture. Be The Brand.

Be a part of a movement like never seen before.

At Totem, we believe the streets are where wolves are raised. It is where trouble finds you, yet is the same arena where Alphas emerge. The grime, the dirt, the gutters, and the back alleys create the steady rhythm of our city’s unfolding chaos. As hustlers, we grind silently on the pavement, ignored by the masses, until we burst into exuberance on the boulevards for the entire world to see.

But first we endure the sleepless nights. We sleep in hotels and motels and crash on friends’ moth-eaten couches, thinking of our future. When we take the public bus, we plan our next move, and at our stop, we go right into the hustle and never stop working. We dream, we grind, we network, and we connect. We create, we destroy, but most importantly, we evolve.

At Totem Media, we embody the struggles of the reckless, the free-spirited, and the defiant. Our platform is a wolf-pack led by a connected team of Alphas all around the globe. Together, we raise our faces to the stars and howl our messages to the moon's reverberating echo.

While we may fall to ashes, we rise together as a phoenix, ready to take on the world!

Core Values

We hold ourselves to the highest standard of fashion quality and customer service.


By creating a space for outsiders, black sheep, and visionaries to thrive, we empower our fans to express themselves through forward-thinking fashion.


Every lone wolf is welcomed into our tribe. We’re dedicated to creating an inclusive, supportive community that nurtures groundbreaking ideas and propels youth culture forward.


We create without barriers in the disciplines of fashion, art, content, and design. We believe creativity is limitless, and constantly push the boundaries to see how far we can go.


We embrace the cycle of creation and destruction. Totem Media is continuously learning, growing, and reinventing itself to remain at the forefront of youth culture and meet the ever-evolving needs of our fans.


We believe our message is only as powerful as our quality. We carefully source all of our materials, and create superior-quality apparel that’s as functional and durable as it is fashion-forward.


We are where we are today because of our community. Whether you engage with us on social media, through our online store, or directly, we always uphold our commitment to excellent customer service.