Surat, Gujarat
6 hours ago


Streetwear is more than a Fashion Trend; it is a way of Life

I’m passionate about fashion and art, especially streetwear culture. I’ve always been an admirer of the many innovative styles of Japanese fashion and always try to integrate the intricacies of fabrics used in anime and manga creations into my pieces. I believe that our approach to the streetwear and techwear lifestyle could allow you all to be your best YOU!

I've always been an artist. In fact, it was the pursuit of my creative dreams that saved me, back in 2019, when my computer was destroyed, I lost all of my art and inventory, my heart was broken, and I became homeless.

This journey through the darkness, doubt, and struggle became the origin story of Totem and the driving force behind the mission of my brand.

The love for my art, Manga, Anime, and Japanese Culture sustained me and fueled my purpose with the power of storytelling until one day, I had an epiphany: "What if my art was meant to be worn?"

That was the moment when everything changed and I embraced the collision of streetwear, art, and design as the peak expression of my creativity and artistic voice.

Because the streets are where life happens, it's where people grind, strive, fail, fall, hit the pavement then back up. It's the place where the

weirdos, outsiders, and lone wolves find their tribe and stay connected to the gritty energy that fills the night with big dreams.

Totem is the youth-driven street dream come true and the brand that honors individuality, and invites all the daydreamers to embrace the dark, share their light, and howl together as one.