Surat, Gujarat
6 hours ago


Totem Media (The Demon District) is a OHIO lifestyle brand created in 2017 that is now expanding towards the rest of the world. We’ve always been a community for adventurous anime-centric creatives and will always lend a voice to the avant garde of fashion, art, design, and content. Our focus for the future is to maintain outstanding rapport with our customers, providing the best streetwear fashion at great prices. As such, we have a plan to further integrate our supporters into this unique online shopping experience and further cement our position as a lifestyle brand leader in global fashion.

Our Platform

Having over 170,000 followers on Instagram, we’ve developed an aesthetically appealing platform that makes fans feel wanted and appreciated. In the future, we aim to leverage our large following and penetrate markets globally, helping us expand into multiple operational brands for young anime and manga lovers.

Our Product

Currently featured in Hot Topic and Spencer’s, our merch is already at the heart of many fashion lovers. As we expand our reach, we want to launch hundreds of new products daily. We aim to operate responsibly towards our customers by allowing the options for custom orders while we optimize shipping and reduce weight.

Our People

Our people are what make Totem Media successful. We treat everyone who works with us fairly, making sure they all realize their full potential. That being said, we want to create a community that accommodates our unique lifestyle. We aim to bring together everyone who wears our streetwear into one big family of wolves!